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Forest Certification

In 2009, DPI received the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC®) Chain of Custody Certification for its hardboard products. This certification requires DPI to ensure that all of its wood resources come from sources that are managed with sound environmental stewardship. Under FSC certification, we exclude delivery of wood resources from the following areas:

  • Wood harvested from forest areas where traditional, or civil rights are violated.
  • Woods harvested from non-FSC certified forest areas having high conservation values which are threatened.
  • Woods harvested from genetically modified trees.
  • Wood that has been illegally harvested.
  • Wood from natural forests that have been harvested for the purpose of converting the land to plantations, or other non-forest uses.

Some buyers of our hardboard products now prefer FSC certification to assure that the trees harvested were managed to meet social, economic, ecological, cultural generations. The forests are required to meet managerial aspects as well as environmental and social requirements.

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In addition to following the FSC principles and criteria, we also believe in practicing the following sustainable forestry activities:

Broadening the implementation of sustainable forestry by employing an array of economically, environmentally and socially sound practices in the conservation of forests -- including appropriate protection, growth, harvest and use of those forests -- using the best scientific information available.

Ensuring long-term forest productivity and conservation of forest resources through prompt reforestation, soil conservation, afforestation and other measures.

Protecting the water quality in streams, lakes and other waterbodies.

Managing the quality and distribution of wildlife habitats and contribute to the conservation of biological diversity by developing and implementing stand and landscape-level measures that promote habitat diversity and the conservation of forest plants and animals including aquatic fauna.

Managing the visual impact of harvesting and other forest operations.

Managing Program Participant lands of ecologic, geologic, cultural or historic significance in a manner that recognizes their special qualities.

Promoting the efficient use of forest resources.

Broadening the practice of sustainable forestry by cooperating with forest landowners, wood producers, consulting foresters and Program Participants' employees who have responsibility in wood procurement and landowner assistance programs.

Publicly reporting Program Participants' progress in fulfilling their commitment to sustainable forestry.

Providing opportunities for the public and the forestry community to participate in the commitment to sustainable forestry.

Promoting continual improvement in the practice of sustainable forestry and monitor, measure and report performance in achieving the commitment to sustainable forestry.

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