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Alpena Hardboard-Forest Management Program

Aspen Leaf A written forest management plan which includes a map of the property that identifies stand age, species composition, stand stocking (forest density), and other geographic and large structural features on the property. It also includes stand acreage, access points, and roads. Your goals for the property are incorporated into the recommendations for forest/game management.

Harvest assistance includes marking the timber to be harvested, setting up roads and landings (staging areas for harvesting equipment), and, if needed, help with permit applications.

Timber markets includes marketing all the products harvested during a project, both those that come to our facility and those that are best marketed to other mills.

Logging supervision, our foresters supervise all harvesting during the actual operation. This generally includes visits to the harvest site to meet with the logging contractors and to assess the harvest project and quality of work. It is also the responsibility of Alpena Hardboard’s foresters to make sure the logging contractors are following all harvesting specifications.

Trillium Technical assistance - Our foresters can help identify stream crossings, roadwork issues, and help with any permit work that may be necessary.

Roadwork design includes identifying stream crossings, installing culverts, placing roads and landings in areas to limit negative impact, and other site specific roadwork design concerns.

American Tree Farm Inspections can be performed by all of Alpena Hardboard’s foresters to insure Tree Farm participants are in compliance with Tree Farm goals and objectives.

Periodic mailings and other communications are sent to current Forest Management Program landowners to keep them abreast of current forest management, forest pest, forest tax, and other issues that may affect forest landowners.


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